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Thanks to recreational vehicles, people could explore the outdoors and enjoy a wide range of conveniences at the same time.

Nonetheless, enthusiasts of RVing still face lots of issues while traveling and one of those is lack of illumination at night, especially during off-roading.

To push back the darkness, RVers resort to countless measures but awning lights tend to be the favored options nowadays.

Attached around the awnings, awning lights illuminate the surroundings of recreational vehicles and create a warm atmosphere for various activities.

But as the market features tons of models, telling the best RV awning lights from subpar ones is quite tough.

That is why if you truly wish to get your money’s worth, it’s essential that you go through this guide before making the purchase.

Best RV Awning Lights Comparison Chart

 Product's namePriceSpecificationsMore Info
RecPro RV Camper Motorhome Travel Trailer 16' White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel &...RecPro RV Camper Motorhome Travel Trailer 16' White LED Awning Party Light...$$$$Direct wire-only
Completely waterproof
UV-treated polycarbonate mounting channels
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Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights |...Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10)...$22.11UL-approved
Overload protection
Spare bulbs and fuse included
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OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow LED Lighting Kit for RV w/Wireless Remote, Exterior Neon Accent...OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow LED Lighting Kit for RV w/Wireless Remote,...$$$$SmartColor LEDs
Rust-proof aluminum and dense silicone
Two power options
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Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting Fixture. Replacement Lighting...Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting...$9.49Environment-friendly
High power LEDs
120-degree pattern
See Latest Price
Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights/RV LED Porch Lights/Exterior LED Lights/ Utility Lights...Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights/RV LED Porch Lights/Exterior...$60.00Waterproof
Repel bugs and insects
Head-dissipating housing
See Latest Price
SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing 16.4Ft SMD5050 LEDs Flexible Light Strip Rope...SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing 16.4Ft SMD5050 LEDs...$60.00Cut-to-size
Customizable illumination
Short-circuit and overcharge protection
See Latest Price
Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights - Commercial Grade Waterproof Patio Lights with 48 Ft...Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights - Commercial Grade Waterproof...$47.99Exposed filaments
Waterproof and shatterproof
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Coleman LED String Lights , Black, 10 Tiny LED LanternsColeman LED String Lights , Black, 10 Tiny LED Lanterns$15.00Portable
Tiny LED lanterns
Run on AAA batteries
See Latest Price
Polymer Products LLC 1632-77404 Black and Etched Bronze Six Globe String Light SetPolymer Products LLC 1632-77404 Black and Etched Bronze Six Globe String...$$$$Extended coiled cords
Stainless steel hooks
Shatterproof light housings
See Latest Price
Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, White, 24ft, 12 Lifetime Bulbs,...Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, White,...$106.50End-to-end connections
Edison-style bulbs
Heavy-duty cord
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The Basics About RV Awning Lights

What Is An Awning Light?

To put it plainly, the RV awning light is a specialized type of lights made for recreational vehicles, it may be used indoors and outdoors.

In terms of power, the average RV camper awning lights use 12V but some run on solar energy as well.

Overall, awning lights work like the typical RV decorative lights.

Assuming that you get a fitting model, you would be able to simultaneously boost the aesthetic value of your RV and keep your campsite bright.

Benefits Of Using RV Awning Lights

Provide illumination consistently and reliably

The light intensity of awning light is modest compared to many other sources of illumination but few could match them once it comes to consistency.

Being low-draw appliances, these lights prove capable of delivering a relatively stable performance in an assortment of camping settings.

In addition to that, awning lights of recreational vehicles include a limited number of components.

Therefore, regarding reliability, all RVers from novices to veterans hold awning lights in high esteem.

Increase the level of safety

Needless to say, stumbling aimlessly in low-light conditions carries lots of risks since it’s hard to tell what lay in front of you.

But if your rig happens to have awning lights fitted, you only need to turn them on to get a clear view of your surroundings.

So with RV awning lights around, navigating the terrain after dusk is going to be a walk in the park.

You want to keep your loved ones safe while camping?

Then it’s strongly recommended that you install a couple of awning lights to your rig before hitting the road.

Give RV a fresh makeover

RV awning lights come in multiple colors so by using suitable mixes, you could fine-tune the appearance of your plain rig for outdoor activities.

From family parties to social gatherings, awnings lights should be splendid additions to the background.

Of course, for optimized experience, RVers have to devise well-thought arrangements as misusing the lights would lead to discomfort.

Fortunately, through RV forums on the Internet, you may use the light setups of fellow enthusiasts of RVing as references.

Types Of RV Awning Lights

Lights for camper awnings seemingly utilize a wide range of design, materials, technologies and so on but it’s worth noting that today’s market contains three types of lights: solar-powered, LED and strip.

Solar-Powered Lights

For RVers that like to cut down utility expenses, solar-powered awning lights should be excellent choices in usual conditions.

As these lights draw energy from the sun, you don’t have to worry about them draining your battery bank.

Though they seem costly, RV-rated awning lights that run on sunlight actually allow you to save quite a few bucks in the long run.

As a result, full-time RVers that travel extensively often prioritize solar-powered awning lights over other types of lights.

LED Lights

Being bright and long-lasting, LED awning lights work well in standard RV configurations.

That is why lights of the type could be put to good use by all RVers.

However, during installation, it’s widely advised that you keep these lights up high on the awnings of your vehicle.

Otherwise, you may be blinded for several seconds every time you go through the door.

Rope Lights

lights for camper awnings
Photo: Andy Reynolds / Getty Images

Basic and practical, rope awning lights lack advanced features but they still remain able to illuminate the vicinity of RV.

Furthermore, considering the affordable prices of these lights, they tend to be sought after by lots of budget-minded RVers.

Many rope awning lights for RV happen to be remote-controlled, hence, they just require a power source to work.

So if you wish to fit lights to the awnings of your ride yet cannot spare some time to install a switch, you must think about picking up rope lights.

Best RV Awning Lights

Overall, grabbing the best RV awning lights for your rig is all but impossible if you don’t have a good understanding of market options.

So in the case that you happen to be new to RVing, you should get to know the following models.  

1. RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light – Best Of The Best

RecPro RV Camper Motorhome Travel Trailer 16' White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel &...
  • 16' (5m) IP68 White PCB background and White LED light
  • 1500 Lumens
  • (4) 4' pieces of polycarbonate mounting channel

Why This Is The Best

Encased in a splendid combination of crystal resin and silicone sleeve, RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light is completely waterproof. Because of that, the RecPro model tends to be considered as one of the best RV awning lights money can buy for off-roading nowadays. In addition, RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light comes alongside UV-treated polycarbonate mounting channels that handle outdoor elements superbly. The light from RecPro also features an output of 1,500 Lumens, hence, its reach is excellent compared to the average lights.

Since the installation process of RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light is relatively straightforward, RVers could set it up in a blink of an eye. It’s worth noting that the RecPro light is a direct wire-only model so users must drill holes for the wirings to go through. To secure the light, you should use the 3M adhesive tape supplied by RecPro to fix it to the awning. It’s going to be years before the tape loses its stickiness which is why RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light gives a good account of itself on many occasions.

As for price, the awning light made by RecPro is available at a budget-friendly price so it’s a good buy for enthusiasts of RVing that have tight wallets. About color options, RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light is offered in black and white. 

I can’t explain how much I love this RV LED Light. It is awesome. It lights up the whole campsite and barely uses any battery power. It did take me a few minutes to install, simply because hiding the wire is more difficult than I expected. I mounted my underneath the rain gutter behind the awning, so even when the awning is extended the light is still against the side of my RV. You could mount this anywhere you wish, this is just where I picked to mount it. I also wired it directly to the existing outside door light. Simple enough, but like I said hiding the wire across the 1/2 the light bar was tricky. I ended up squeezing the wire above the included mounting bracket and then filling the tiny gap with silicon to hold the wire in place.

I had no issues with the 3M tape that was included. I did have to make sure when I removed the backing on the sticky tape, that I didn’t pull the tape off the light as well. Highly recommend and have recommended it to several people.

Shared by TreSecow


  • Affordable cost??
  • Packaging is top-notch
  • Intuitive setup procedures


  • The light often attract bugs
  • Channels should be extended

2. Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light – Editor’s Choice

Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights |...
  • Nostalgic retro travel trailer party lights
  • 120V with overload protection
  • 8' strand contains ten lights

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Versatile and flexible, Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light proves capable of matching a wide range of applications in recreational vehicles. Attached to the awning, the light of Camco would keep your rig as well as its vicinity illuminated at night. On holidays, you could utilize Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light as a merry decorative light. Unsurprisingly, in terms of adaptability, a lot of RV awning light reviews deem 4265  to be the finest light on the market for full-time RVers.

You find the generic bulbs of standard awning lights plain? Then you should come to like Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light as its bulbs come in multiple designs: retro travel trailer, fuzzy dice, patriotic star, … As a result, pairing the Camco light to a particular theme is essentially a cakewalk. Besides that, being a thoughtful manufacturer, Camco gives users of 4265 spare bulbs and fuses to take care of common issues. Therefore, Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light is well-received by RVers, novice and veteran alike.

The setup of 4265 lasts mere minutes so for RVers that need illumination fast, the Camco model is definitely one of the best RV awning lights. Also, with its economical price, Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light could be bought in bulk.

We hang these party lights from the awning of our Jayco expandable travel trailer and they just look terrific. They really aid in making our campsite a festive atmosphere, and even though we do most of our camping in Wisconsin, the chili and cacti seem a proper motif because we like to ‘spice things up’.

Perhaps the best feature, and one unforeseen when we first purchased these gems, is that they serve as a homing beacon at the campground for us. Oftentimes, the little Mrs and myself like to go cruising around the campground and get our drink on. Don’t get me wrong — we’re not Swingers or anything like that. We just really enjoy our beer, and sometimes vodka or bourbon or wine. And lots of it. Weather permitting, we’ll mix our first cocktail around noon and I’ll most likely go shirtless the remainder of the day. By the time the campfire is cracklin’ and these party lights are blazing away, we are in full party mode.

By the time we retire to the camper for the night, I usually forget to unplug the chili and cacti strings, but that’s okay because I suspect they serve as a bear deterrent. I don’t know for sure though because I am usually blissfully passed out in the tent-ends of the Jayco.

Overall, I highly recommend these Camco party lights.

Shared by Badgerfanz


  • Dependable and reliable
  • Undemanding installation
  • Plenty of options for light bulbs


  • Light output is less than ideal
  • Quality control still needs some work

3. Aura LED RV Underbody Lighting Kit – Editor’s Choice

OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow LED Lighting Kit for RV w/Wireless Remote, Exterior Neon Accent...
  • [HIGH BRIGHT INTENSITY LED CHIP] 4PC LED bar with 252 LEDs (2*48'' and 2*36'') 3-in-1 RGB Chips protected in...
  • [MULTI-COLOR MODES & FUNCTIONS] Underglow Aluminum Casing LED Bar has 16 colors options with 5 modes! Sound Active...
  • [BUILT TOUGH & WATERPROOF] Perfect for Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Truck and RVs. Able to uphold in toughest dry...

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Featuring SmartColor LEDs, Aura LED RV Underbody Lighting Kit delivers a radiant mixture of colorful lights at the micro level. Furthermore, thanks to the SoundSync feature, it’s possible to time the activation of LEDs to an assortment of music. That means while listening to your favorite songs, you could “see” and “feel” the tunes. As for the control, through the neat handheld remote, RVers should be able to manipulate the operation of the Aura light to fit various settings.

By integrating premium aluminum and silicone into the construction, Aura LED RV Underbody Lighting Kit would take on everything: moisture, debris, heat and so on. That is why once it comes to durability, the Aura model is known to be one of the best RV awning lights available for purchase. Additionally, the estimated lifespan of LEDs in the light kit is 50,000 hours so you don’t have to worry about lack of illumination for years. Though Aura LED RV Underbody Lighting Kit seems costly, its outstanding performance justifies the price.      

Aura LED RV Underbody Lighting Kit is accompanied by mounting hardware so you could wrap up the installation before long. To power the Aura light, you may use the car charger adapter but in the case that you like to keep the charger unoccupied, feel free to plug the kit directly into your fuse box.    

Works great for my camper and it very bright. Wiring was easy but I wish the there more extensions. I had to mount two of the lights directly under the control box. The front end light I used an extension, and the back light used two extensions. It comes with 4 extensions. So I couldn’t evenly mount the lights from front to back. It worked out because in the middle of the camper is the fresh water tank and there is no where to mount anyways. Took me thirty minutes to install, I have experience with this type of stuff. The remotes work pretty far away. The 90 degree fuse plug worked great for my 12v panel, I just plugged into a empty slot. Becareful if using screws and using the light fixture holes itself. One end of the light has the wire coming out and you can damage it. Try to use the zip tie method, and use good zip ties, the ones included are weak.

Share by Mac


  • Rugged
  • Handy remote
  • Fast installation


  • Short cable
  • Shipping is mediocre

4. Leisure LED RV Porch Light

Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting Fixture. Replacement Lighting...
  • Leisure LED 280 Lumens LED Rectangle Porch Light Fixture - Wide Voltage Range : 11-18 volts
  • Made with Environment-friendly technology and materials - Applications include 12 Volts DC recreational vehicles.
  • RV fluctuations can damage a regular LED. This LED is designed to withstand a wide operating voltage range.

Why We Love It

So all you need is a simple light that illuminates the porch under the awning? Then you should check out Leisure LED RV Porch Light. Despite its modest output, the model of Leisure still helps you safely navigate the vicinity of your rig after sunset. Boasting a 120-degree beam pattern, Leisure LED RV Porch Light packs excellent coverage compared to many of its market competitors. Also, due to the superb 60,000-hour life expectancy of its LED, the Leisure light is among the best RV awning lights in terms of longevity.    

Typical RV awning LED lights tend to be damaged by power fluctuations but being designed to accept a wide range of voltages, Leisure LED RV Porch Light is well-protected. Moreover, as a low-draw model, the light made by Leisure let RVers conserve battery which is a major plus. Aside from that, Leisure LED RV Porch Light incorporates environment-friendly materials so it receives a shower of praises from eco-conscious enthusiasts of RVing. Coming at a fair price, the model of Leisure offers wonderful values for its cost.  

All in all, Leisure LED RV Porch Light is quite resilient but for good measure, you should add some silicone caulking to keep it watertight. Beyond that, the light made by Leisure holds together well.


  • Inexpensive
  • User-friendly setup
  • Bright and robust


  • Loose lens
  • A couple of lights have wrong measurements

5. Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light

Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights/RV LED Porch Lights/Exterior LED Lights/ Utility Lights...
  • A wide range to use in your interior and exterior applications, including caravan, RV, marine, yacht, camper...
  • 12V operating Voltage ,you could use this Awning light for Garden , but need to transfer a 240V AC input to 12VDC
  • Better Lighting Efficiency with special 40 degree downward illumination design to replace the traditional lower...

Why We Love It

Because of the inclusion of sublime LEDs, Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light easily meets the lighting requirement of multiple applications. By utilizing the unique 40-degree downward illumination design, 613555C delivers focused beams and reduces energy wastage at the same time. As a result, RVers that wish to cut down the utility bills often think highly of the Dream Lighting model. Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light could be bought at a reasonable price too so it’s by all accounts a decent choice for awning light.  

Regarding endurance, the light from Dream Lighting is made to resist water, dust and moisture. Hence, 613555C is undoubtedly going to work like a charm in the usual camping settings. LEDs of Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light feature a lifespan of 50,000 hours so years would pass before you have to think about looking for replacements. Finally, the absence of EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) in the Dream Lighting model should allow electronic devices (televisions, radios and others) to work as expected.

One interesting thing about 613555C is that it’s able to repel bugs and insects. That is why if you like to enjoy yourself to the fullest but have concerns about tiny, uninvited visitors then the Dream Lighting model is one of the best RV awning lights you could get.


  • Long-lasting
  • Potent output
  • Tough construction


  • Some RVers report missing components
  • Unsuitable for certain vehicles

6. Supernight RGB LED Light Strip

SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing 16.4Ft SMD5050 LEDs Flexible Light Strip Rope...
  • 【RGB Color Changing】This RGB Led strip lights kit can change colors,set speed modes, adjust brightness with...
  • 【Our Advantages】Led strip lighting has premium 5050 SMD Leds in 16.4ft with dimmer and brightness controls.
  • 【Easy Installation & Use】Led tape lights can be cut at the mark. You can cut off extra strips to adjust to a...

Why We Love It

Packing advanced 5050 SMD LEDs that change color and brightness as the users desire, Supernight RGB LED Light Strip is unmatched once it comes to customization. Using the IR remote controller that accompanies it, you could get the Supernight light to project illumination to your liking. As Supernight RGB LED Light Strip is rated at IP65, water splashes seldom give it noticeable issues on the road. Furthermore, featuring short-circuit as well as overcharge protection, the model of Supernight operates smoothly in lots of RV setups.

As the light from Supernight is a cut-to-size model, installation is relatively uncomplicated: you just need to cut a suitable length of light, stick it to the awning with self-adhesive tapes and connect everything to an outlet. Afterward, it’s time to start building your light show by mixing between 20 color options: blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, green, white and so on. The viewing angle is 120 degrees, therefore, it’s a breeze to determine the required adjustments.

To show confidence in its light, Supernight offers RVers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty. Only a few LED camper awning lights could match Supernight RGB LED Light Strip in terms of post-purchase support.


  • Convenient remote
  • Colorful and dimmable LEDs
  • Responsive customer service


  • Barely acceptable quality control
  • The adhesive tapes won’t stick well to plastic surfaces

7. Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights - Commercial Grade Waterproof Patio Lights with 48 Ft...
  • Energy Saving LED Outdoor String Lights: 48 ft long string lights with 15 energy saving, high efficiency 2 watt LED...
  • Commercial Grade WeatherProof Patio String Lights: Brightech’s Ambience Pros hanging lights string has our own...
  • Flexible Installation & Widely Used Backyard Lights: Brightech outdoor decorative bistro lights are the perfect...

Why We Love It

From get-togethers to family dinners, Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light never fails to please enthusiasts of RVing nowadays. Thanks to the integration of exposed filaments, the model from Brightech emits warm glows which create a cozy outdoor experience. In addition to that, by using top-notch materials, Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light is both waterproof and shatterproof. As a result, to people that want rugged string lights for campers, the light of Brightech is undoubtedly one of the best RV awning lights.

Depending on applications, strands of lights could be plugged in together end-to-end but it’s essential that you keep your setup below 1,200W. Also, it’s possible to exchange the light bulbs for variety but the new bulbs must have equal wattage ratings. With dimmers, Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light is dimmable so it’s a breeze to manipulate the light output. As for power consumption, the Brightech light is designed to be an energy-saving model that helps reduce electric bills.    

Waterproof and shatterproof, Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light is able to handle various elements. Thus, the lifespan of the light made by Brightech is superior to that of the average lights of recreational vehicles.    


  • Dimmable
  • Splendid durability
  • Instantaneous installation


  • The cord is slightly short
  • Less than ideal customer service

8. Coleman LED String Light

Coleman LED String Lights , Black, 10 Tiny LED Lanterns
  • String of Ten tiny LED lanterns
  • Portable - powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • String stretches 6 ft.

Why We Love It

So you don’t have the time to install a delicate system of awning lights? If that is the case then Coleman LED String Light would be what you need. Boasting tiny LED lanterns that run on AAA batteries, the Coleman light could be added to your rig in a matter of seconds. Coleman LED String Light also possesses outstanding portability, hence, you may move it around as situation demand. On one set of batteries, the model of Coleman lasts up to 20 hours so you only have to swap in new AAAs every few days.

Capable of stretching to 80 inches, Coleman LED String Light is known to operate consistently in a wide range of settings. The light output of the lanterns is unexceptional but they still keep your campsite illuminated. For endurance, the light made by Coleman stands up to heat, moisture, water, sunlight, … well. However, it’s best that you refrain from directly exposing Coleman LED String Light to elements to preserve its integrity. As a precaution, you should think about covering the battery compartment that powers the lanterns.

About cost, Coleman LED String Light is among the best RV awning lights regarding affordability. That is why the light from Coleman is a nice option for various shopping budgets.   


  • Bright
  • Economical price
  • Runtime is long


  • Inconsistent performance between lights??
  • Power wires have to be redesigned??

9. Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light

Polymer Products LLC 1632-77404 Black and Etched Bronze Six Globe String Light Set
  • Weather resistant and shatterproof Polycarbonate housing
  • Coiled cords between lights extends up to 30-Inch
  • Stainless steel hooks

Why We Love It

By incorporating extended coiled cords, Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light is considered to be particularly well-suited for huge setups. Because of that, owners of sizable recreational vehicles tend to hold the light made by Polymer Products in high esteem. Furthermore, 1601-00515 utilities stainless steel hooks and shatterproof light housings so it’s going to stick around for quite some time. Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light is UL-approved too which means it’s a solid light for typical RV applications.

As for installation, adding Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light to your rig is a cakewalk due to the adaptable assembly. Assuming that you don’t mess up deliberately then the Polymer Products light would be operational before you know it. The light bulbs used by 1601-00515 work decently but if you expect more, you could swap them out for other bulbs. So as to avoid issues down the road, it’s strongly recommended that you prioritize bulbs that have equivalent ratings.

In terms of aftermarket support, Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light is accompanied by a 1-year limited warranty that covers defects.


  • Rugged and flexible
  • Sublime light output
  • Undemanding setup


  • A bit expensive
  • Cumbersome and bulky

10. Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, White, 24ft, 12 Lifetime Bulbs,...
  • Charming Ambience – Adds the perfect white ambient light style to either outdoor or indoor environments. Ideal...
  • Color Changes Everything – Offers choice of 16 colors, seemingly endless 2-color combinations and a variety of...
  • Durability with Style – 12 durable acrylic Edison-style bulbs are impact-resistant and won't break if dropped,...

Why We Love It

Offered in up to 16 color options, Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light allows enthusiasts of RVing to create an assortment of combinations. Using the wireless remote, the users could also access multiple preset modes for particular occasions. Moreover, thanks to the integration of end-to-end connections, it’s possible to link many sets together to get the ideal length of light. As a result, Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light is generally recognized as one of the must-have RV LED light strips for full-time RVing nowadays.

Built to last, the acrylic Edison-style bulbs of the Enbrighten light prove to be extremely resilient against outdoor elements. Actually, the bulbs would seldom break after being stepped on so 39511 is by all accounts a superb model for those that travel around the year. Besides that, the heavy-duty grounded power cord of Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light plugs into standard outlets on recreational vehicles. Therefore, you should be able to set up the light made by Enbrighten in just a blink of an eye.

For illumination,  Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light is going to light up the vicinity of your vehicle once night sets in. That is why if you intend to spend time outside of your rig after sunset, you must consider picking up 39511.


  • Versatile
  • Well-built bulbs
  • Plenty of color options


  • The included remote seem flimsy
  • Sone RVers find the bulbs heavy

How To Choose The Best RV Awning Lights

Preferences change from people to people so RVers don’t have a unanimous opinion regarding the best RV awning lights.

Still, enthusiasts of RVing universally agree that to secure decent lights, it’s essential to pay attention to particular aspects.

RV awning light reviews
Photo: Nick Simonite/ El Cosmico


Designed for outdoor use, recreational vehicles tend to be exposed to lots of elements like heat, moisture and so on.

In addition to that, as you move between campsites, your rig is going to experience vibrations as well as shocks. 

As a result, while choosing awning lights for your RV, it’s strongly recommended that you think of durability as one of the top criteria.

Besides assessing the construction of lights, you should go read the reviews of users as well to determine which models would hold together over time.

Ease Of Installation

As an RVer, you possibly have to address an assortment of issues so the last thing you need is struggling to install complicated awnings lights.

That is why before setting on a certain model, you must evaluate its installation process.

Awning lights for recreational vehicles usually come alongside instructions so remember to check them out.

In the case that you find the instructions straightforward, you may commit to the purchase but if the wordings seem confusing, look for other options.

Brightness And Color

To put it plainly, once it comes to brightness and color of RV awning lights, liking proves to be decisive.

Typical awning lights on the market nowadays include the color white and depending on the models, brightness is fixed/adjustable.

All in all, take your preferences into account and you should be able to grab fitting light for your rig.

Additionally, if you visit camping grounds, RV parks and others, keep the rules about lighting of those locations in mind as you buy awning lights.


Well, you could get RV awning lights for your rig from whatever brand you like but if you wish to play it safe, prioritize models from RecPro, Camco, Valterra, Coleman, …

These manufacturers have been in business for a long time and earn the trust of RV communities around the globe.

Many models made by mentioned brands still leave things to be desired yet they nonetheless offer superior values compared to lights of no-name brands.

So if you decide to pick up awning lights for recreational vehicles, it’s best to stick to reputable brands.  


“You get what you pay for” is a rule of thumb that applies to every purchase including RV awning lights.

Of course, the lights come in a wide range of prices but you should be careful while calculating the budget.

Overall, spending big bucks to get premium lights that you seldom use is unwise as it potentially forces you to redirect funds from key expenses.

On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to stay away from dirt-cheap models because manufacturers of such lights often cut corners to keep the cost low.

How Do I Add LED Lights To My RV Awnings

rv camper awning lights
Photo: Airbnb

You don’t have to be an electrician to install LED awning lights since they feature relatively undemanding setup procedures.

That being said, if you need a couple of pointers, follow the steps down below.

Step 1: Create A Sound Plan

So instead of improvising as you go, it’s widely advised that you assemble a well-thought plan for the lights before putting things together.

Measure the awnings of your vehicle to ensure that lights would fit and operate smoothly.

Moreover, you must position the awning lights close to an outlet to keep them powered.

Finally, to extend the lifespan of the lights, it’s essential that you implement a few contingencies to limit exposure.

Step 2: Cut Lights To Size

LED lights for RV awnings tend to come in strips so cutting them to size is a piece of cake.

However, to preserve the conductivity, RVers need to cut the lights at designated points with a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 3: Fix Lights To Awnings

To facilitate installation, LED awning lights often have adhesive backing but as a precaution, it’s suggested that you supplement the adhesive using duct tapes, silicon glues and so on.

At the beginning of the installation, you should also clean the awnings using alcohol wipes to get rid of contaminants.

That would allow the adhesive backing of the lights to stick firmly to surfaces underneath.

Step 4: Run The Electrical Wirings

Regarding wirings of awning lights for recreational vehicles, enthusiasts of RVing have plenty of choices.

In the case that you desire a sleek, permanent system then you may directly hardwire the lights into the interior.

Still, hardwiring awning lights usually necessitates the drilling of holes which many people frown on.

Aside from hardwiring, RVers could assemble exterior connections to power lights on the awnings too.

While such connections stand out from the vehicles, they rarely require alterations of the structure.

Step 5: Turn On The Lights

Assuming that everything proceeds smoothly, your awning lights should be up and running by now.

So all you have left to do is turn on the lights then see the result of your hard work.

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Best RV Awning Lights to Buy In 2022”

  1. I fell in love with this high quality 25 feet white awning party light from RecPro from the moment I used it. It has a white PCB background with 2250 lumens. There are six pieces of polycarbonate mounting channels available with LED camper awning lights. It helped me to stick the light at the side of the awning easily.

  2. However, you cannot fold this light for better storage, which is a bummer. Other than that, I think this LED light can be a pretty good investment from your side.

  3. Camco hanging party glow lights are so cute and will be so fun to hang this summer in our RV as we cruise around the US. The quality and clarity of the little camper lights are great! I left them attached to the lights. The kids really enjoy hanging campsite flare!

  4. RecPro is also a good one. Very easy to install, follow the directions and make sure the RV surface is clean. When you are finished you will have a perfectly straight, bright strip light that will easily light up your canopy area. I had a problem with my lights after 8 months and the company took care of it right away. Excellent customer service and great product.


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